SolidWorks Premium 2016-17 Installation Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to install your new copy of SolidWorks. License use is restricted to one installation per member unless otherwise authorized by either Director IT or Team Manager. Please contact Ali Musavi, Director IT by email if you encounter any issues during installation.


Step 1

Request download link here.

Complete the form to access the download link.

The SEK-ID is XSEK12

Select 2016-2017 as the version year.


Step 2

Uninstall previous version of SolidWorks, then download new version.

Follow the instructions to download and install the new version.

Pay close attention to these details.


Step 3

Install new version of SolidWorks.


Select only the products shown in the image above for installation and input the following serial numbers.

SolidWorks Premium serial number: 90200059404526926C72DW45

SolidWorks Composer serial number: 902000524076668753KF2D63

Note: If you do not activate the license, you will only receive a 30-day license. These serial numbers expire 31 July 2018.